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Uh ohhhh!!! Who remembers San Diego State Montezuma Hall, City College, UCSD Pub, Stratus, Bogeys, AfterDark, Distillery, Ice House, The Ministry, Cafe Vid, El Cortez, Purple Rain, Palisades,Etc.
Southern California Jam Company, Brother & Brother, Top Flight Ent, Mid City Productions.
When the real parties used to GO DOWN Period!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO SD!!!!
Thank You Kool T, DJ Gil, Brian Foxworth, King Arthur, Steve Franklin, Wayne Reynolds, Sam Baris, Magic, Magic Man, DJ Oz, Goldfinger, Galaxy Glen, MC Kool Zay, MC Hip-Hop, Kip, Cute & Clever, Mickey, Mr T, Andy Ruthenburgh, Tayari Howard, Gene Harris, 92.5fm… For Puttin’ Me On & supporting me when I was young in this game. Very Blessed to still be doin’ this & touching people worldwide with the music.
“Lifestyle, Arts, Music & Culture” #CHANNEL WEST

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